Casimir Place provides family with stability and affordability in pricey housing market


Casimir Place provides family with stability and affordability in pricey housing market

This article originally appeared in NeighborWorks® Southern New Hampshire’s November 2015 Neighborhood Minute. To view the complete newsletter, please click here.

Debora Goodman is home. Although she has moved a lot in search of a stable place to raise her youngest son, she knows she has found a place where she can give him the care and attention any son needs.

In 2003, Debora divorced her husband, sold her Brockton, Massachusetts home and she and her youngest son Malcolm moved to her native Savannah, Georgia. Her two adult children and her grandchildren remained in New England, so Debora planned to move back north to be with her family. However, with a limited income, she found herself in Laconia.


“It was nice, and much closer than Georgia, but I wanted something even closer. That is when I heard about the apartments at Casimir Place in Nashua.” Debora recalls.

She learned about the new affordable housing development from the Nashua Housing Authority, and completed an application. By the end of 2007, she was among the first residents of the new development, and she has not looked back.

“As a single parent, Casimir Place has provided a stable place for my son and me. It is well cared for and, more importantly, it is a place I can afford to live and provide for my son.”

Malcolm, who has a learning disability, graduated from Nashua North High School last spring with a 4.0 G.P.A. and currently attends Nashua Community College. He plans to transfer to the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester upon completion, and would not have this opportunity without a stable and affordable home. The affordable rent means Debora can afford to give her son an education on a limited income, which she supplements by working as a substitute teacher in the Nashua school system.

“I am blessed, proud and grateful that Casimir Place is an affordable option and a great place to live, and that I am able to provide a home for my family.”